Action: Please Ask the House Health Care Committee to Take Testimony on the Green Mountain Care Board Bill

Last Friday, the Senate passed S.42, a bill that would require at least one health care professional be appointed to the Green Mountain Care Board. The bill passed the Senate on a voice vote and has now been assigned to the House Health Care Committee, where they have many competing priorities. Member, Dr. Kat McGraw, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Information Officer at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, testified in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee earlier this session and said, “To improve health care, we need to improve cost, we need to improve quality outcomes, and we need to improve the patient experience… But health care is exceedingly complex, and we can’t do it in a vacuum. The changes that are being made are huge and impact the day to day lives of our patients – which in fact are all of you, and all of the members of the GMCB. These changes need the line of sight that the licensed health care practitioner can give.” To read her full testimony, click here. The Vermont Medical Society has been working with 13 other state health care organizations, who support the legislation, to urge the Committee to take up the bill. To read our latest sign-on letter click here. Please email the Committee and urge them to take testimony on this bill and to support putting a health care professional on the Green Mountain Care Board. Send your email to:

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