Call to Action: Please Urge Your Senator to Support S.288, the bill to ban Flavored Tobacco Products!

The Tobacco industry is pushing hard against banning flavored tobacco products in S.288 because they know flavors helps sell a lifetime of nicotine addiction to the youth of Vermont. Senate Health and Welfare Committee members seem split in that they want to limit availability of flavored tobacco products for youth but do not want to restrict adult smokers access to flavored tobacco products. Please email or call your senator NOW to let them know:

  1. Flavored tobacco products are NOT cessation products - they are INITIATION products. According to the Truth Initiative 97% of youth who vape use a flavored product.
  2. Among high school students who use e-cigarettes, use of mint or menthol increased from 38% in 2018 to 57% in 2019 after Juul restricted sales of fruit and candy flavors.
  3. 80% of youth’s 12-17 start using Flavored/menthol tobacco products

We cannot "wait for the Tobacco 21 bill to solve the vaping crisis" as the tobacco industry is arguing. As the 2019 YBRS shows, the use of e-cigarettes among Vermont high school students has more than doubled in two years from 2017 to 2019 from 12% to 26% - waiting will result in more and more youth as lifelong tobacco users.

Vermont students who vape said if they could not get flavored e-cigarettes:
43% would stop using e-cigarettes (huge public health gain)
34% would switch to cigarettes (why menthol must be included in ban)
23% would switch to unflavored e-cigarettes 

Please email or call your Senator NOW. Click here to find your Senator and find their email or contact Jill at if you need assistance. Click here for our latest fact sheet. 

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