Gov. Scott invites members to summit on substance use disorders in the workforce

From the office of Gov. Phil Scott:

We invite you to participate in the Governor’s Summit on Vermont’s Substance Use Disorder Workforce.  
The Summit will take place on Monday, April 17, 2017 at Vermont Technical College in Randolph.  The purpose of the event is to bring treatment professionals together with higher education leaders and state regulators to tackle this growing workforce challenge in Vermont:  how can we better attract, educate, retain and support top quality substance use disorder treatment professionals.
The opioid crisis is growing, impacting every community in our state.  This statewide problem needs statewide solutions to treatment.  While more Vermonters have access to and are receiving treatment for opioid addiction than ever before, the number of accidental drug deaths involving heroin and prescription opioids remains at an all-time high. One of the many consequences resulting from Vermont's opioid challenge is an alarming increase in the number of young children entering custody with the Vermont Department of Children and Families. If we are to reverse this trend, our success depends, in part, on our ability to grow and support professionals on the front line of the crisis.
The Summit will focus on the workforce needs of the provider community -- how best to create affordable education pathways, identify and address barriers to licensure and employment, and develop incentives for a sustainable workforce.  This is one of many challenges Vermont faces to improve its response to prevention, treatment and recovery.  As a key lever point for systemic improvement, addressing this workforce challenge by convening key stakeholders in one place, at one time, will result in a blueprint for action steps which we can work on together over the next 6 months.
We hope you can join us and contribute to this critical discussion.  For more information and to register, please go here.
Vermont Governor Phil Scott
Vermont State Colleges System Chancellor Jeb Spaulding

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