Partners for Health Care Reform

About Vermont Partners for Health Care Reform

We are a group made up of health care providers, employers, and a health plan provider interested in providing essential information based on factual data and research-based analyses to shape the smart and effective reform of Vermont’s health care system.

Each of our organizations shares a commitment to the goals of universal access and coverage; to providing the highest-quality care; and to delivering this with the greatest cost efficiency in a way that is financially sustainable for the state and its citizens.  We believe these health care reform goals can only be achieved through a collaborative, transparent, and meaningful public-private relationship that builds on our existing strengths and assets and achieves mutual accountability for their outcomes.

Group Members

Fletcher Allen Health Care
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Vermont Chamber of Commerce
Vermont Assembly of Home Health and Hospice Agencies, Inc.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont
Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
Vermont Medical Society
Vermont Business Roundtable 

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