Vermont Prescription Monitoring System changes on tap

On June 15th, the VPMS will go live with a new system on the AWARxE Platform. This system, while new to Vermont, is currently used by many other states across the country and the goal is to offer improved functionality and clinical tools. Once the VPMS is live and stable on the new system, the VPMS staff will be offering presentations, webinars and in-person assistance to make sure that users are able to effectively and easily use VPMS.
In the immediate future, VPMS wants to share the following updates with users:

  • You should have already, or will soon, receive an announcement about the changes that is being sent to all registered users.
  • The announcement will prompt users to log in to VPMS and confirm that all information is correct. It will also ask users to make sure that you have a unique email address, as this will be your username in the new system.  You will be reminded to log in to your account in two separate communications to check and update your information.
    • Users will not be given the address of the new site or actually be able to access the new system until June 15th, when the address will be sent to your email account on file.
  • All accounts that have a unique email should be migrated to the new system. Your delegate relationships should also transfer, although they will need to be re-approved upon entry to the new system.
  • If a prescriber has an expired password but still has an active account, your account still will be transferred to the new system.  You will be prompted to change your password when you try to login.
  • Registration for either system will be frozen in Mid-May until the platform goes live on June 15th.  So, users who may have an inactivated (“deleted”) account have a very small window in which to contact the VPMS program.  VPMS staff will be able to reactivate most accounts so that users with expired account do not have to re-register. However,  if you have an expired account and do not contact VPMS prior to the registration freeze, VPMS will not be able to access old accounts and they will be hard deleted and not migrated to the new system. This should be the only circumstance under which accounts will not be migrated and previously registered prescribers will need to re-register.

For more information about how to run a query in the new system, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: Hannah Mason Hauser, MSW, Vermont Prescription Monitoring System (VPMS) Manager, 802.652.4147 or

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