VMS Foundation Opens Applications for New Physician Executive Leadership Course

The Vermont Medical Society Education & Research Foundation is proud to announce its new partnership with the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership and Lumunos to deliver an inaugural Physician Executive Leadership Institute Foundational Course commencing this November.
The Foundational Course has been designed to develop basic leadership skills and concepts for Vermont physicians. This course aims to build a skilled network of physician leaders who have the experience, commitment, and passion to lead initiatives that will transform and improve health and healthcare systems at local, regional, and statewide levels. Because the course includes a focus on both leadership and management content, it is a good fit for physicians who would like to build their effectiveness in organizational leadership. Physicians who are currently in leadership roles or aspire to take on leadership roles are encouraged to participate. It is particularly aimed at physicians with 5 or more years of clinical experience, but minimal formal leadership training. The course has been designed for a cohort of 15-20 physicians from across Vermont. To learn more about the program, including the schedule and topics, please see the attached brochure and this recent press release. 
Physicians interested in attending should submit a CV and brief description of their interest to swinters@vtmd.org. Applications are due by August 16, 2019.  Please note that some hospitals or practices may have their own process for nominating and selecting candidates.

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