VMS Publishes Green Mountain Physician for Spring/Summer 2018

VMS has released our quarterly "Green Mountain Physician" for Spring/Summer of 2018. VMS President Trey Dobson, MD, kicks off the issue with his pitch for advocacy, Executive Director Jessa Barnard sums up the 2018 Legislative Session and latest VMS activity and don't miss our feature, highlighting the amazing Anya Koutras', FP, medical mission to Uganda. We also introduce you to Lisa Lambert, MD, the new Vermont Prationer Health Program's Medical Director, encourage you to fill out the 2018 VMS Annual Physician Survey and announce you can now register for the 205th VMS Annual Meeting taking place at Top Notch in Stowe on October 26th and 27th, 2018. Please click here to read this issue.


Correction: Lisa Lambert's email is llambert@vtmd.org

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