VMS Signs on to Vermont Health Care Coalition Letter Opposing HHS Proposed Title X Rule Changes

VMS joins with other leading health care organizations to call on the federal Health and Human Services Department to withdraw this proposed rule, which if enacted will:

  • Impose new restrictions that will make it impossible for many patients to get birth control or preventive care from reproductive health care providers like Planned Parenthood;
  • Force doctors, nurses, hospitals, and community health centers to choose between funding and the ability to refer their patients for safe, legal abortion;
  • Deny patients the right to get full and accurate information about their reproductive health care from their providers.

Not only does this proposed rule threaten access to reproductive health and family planning services for Vermonters living in rural areas, it also threatens the basis of physician-patient relationships, which are based on providing honest information regarding all available options of care. For the letter click here. For the VT Digger article click here.

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