About Us

About Us

Who We Are

The Vermont Medical Society is a member-led nonprofit service organization with approximately 2400 physicians, physician assistant, and medical student members across specialty and practice locations.

VMS is dedicated to protecting the health of all Vermonters and to improving the environment in which Vermont physicians and physician assistants practice medicine.

What We Do

According to our members, the Vermont Medical Society is “the most consistent lobbying presence for medicine in Montpelier.” VMS’s “credibility and ethos has led to successful advocacy” that “puts patients and science first to do what’s right for the population’s health.” We provide the bridge between members and lawmakers and other decision-makers to “help members feel like health care, despite its complexity, makes sense, and that they have a voice.”

VMS also fosters meaningful connections between members at statewide and local educational and social events. It is the one statewide organization that represents all physicians and PAs across employment settings and specialty: “VMS is unique due to its relatively small size, which allows it to feel like a collegial community…as well as the degree of inter-specialty involvement, cross-learning, and mutual support.”

What We Aspire to Achieve

VMS aspires:

  • To see Vermont physicians and PAs drive the direction of the health care system in Vermont to ensure patient and clinician-centered care.
  • To achieve a community of fully thriving and engaged clinicians across Vermont
  • To demonstrate the success of our organization in achieving our aspirations and goals in order to grow membership; to demonstrate the value of membership, and to demonstrate the strength of our organization to lawmakers and other decision-makers