VMS PPE Purchasing Options

VMS realizes that Vermont medical practices are struggling to obtain various items of PPE and that both availability and cost are an issue. While we continue to advocate for more state-run purchasing options, we are also pleased to offer discount group purchasing options now available to our members. 

VMS Disclosure: Please note that the Vermont Medical Society has not vetted the products and services provided by these vendors. These resources are being shared as a convenience for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by VMS.  Pricing, availability, and shipping timelines of PPE items are subject to change; VMS has no control or knowledge of these possible changes. VMS members should confirm the price, quality and availability of the items they are purchasing.

Reynolds & Sons

  • Click here to browse current offerings and prices (as of 7/22/21) with standard pricing
  • Additional items such as gowns and N95 masks may be available by contacting Reynolds directly
  • Please contact Todd Goulette at 802-622-3306 or toddgoulette@reynoldsandson.com for preferred pricing for health care practices that can commit to monthly orders by the 15th of the month for the following month


Browse a complete PPE & Reopening product selection here: www.WBMASON.com 

View promotional pricing and product recommendations based on most popular items for safely reopening the workplace here (as of 07/14/2021): Restock your facility - Reopening Flyer - BKL.pdf

  • FREE Delivery on any size order (no minimums)
  • Easy Online Ordering for New or Existing Customers
  • For access to ‘Vermont Medical Society Preferred Pricing’ and to link an order to your existing account or create a new account contact: Branch Manager, South Burlington, VT: Deryk Largesse at 508-320-5489 or Deryk.Largesse@wbmason.com

State of Vermont COVID Contract Sources


  • Learn more about the organization here 
  • FAQ here
  • Fill out the critical equipment request form so that they’re able to capture the supply/equipment requests. Once that’s completed, a member of the team will reach out. 

Homepage: https://www.projectn95.org/


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  • Normal Amazon ordering guidelines 

Order Directly Here: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=PPE&ref=nb_sb_noss_2