Physician Executive Leadership Institute

Meeting Vermont's Needs for Physician Leaders

The Vermont Medical Society Education & Research Foundation is proud to announce the 2020/2021 cohort of the Physician Executive Leadership Institute (PELI) Foundational Course to begin November, 2020. This course is offered in partnership with the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership and Lumunos, and is supported by funding from the Physicians Foundation. 

Please click here for the inaugural 2019/2020 PELI cohort 

Perhaps more than ever before physicians and PAs are being asked to step up and skillfully lead rapid change throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Every clinician is being called upon to bring her or his leadership and management styles and skills to the forefront to ensure the best outcomes for Vermont patients. VMSERF is pleased to continue to offer an experiential learning opportunity that will enhance and fine-tune valuable leadership skills and concepts for a statewide cohort of Vermont physicians and PAs. Click HERE for the 2020 brochure and curriculum. 

The physician or PA leaders attending this program will benefit from the following:

  1. A 40-hour curriculum incorporating online resources of Harvard Business Publishing
  2. 40 Category One CME credits (application in process) *
  3. One-on-one or group leadership/executive coaching
  4. Certificate of Completion
  5. Four quarterly alumni meetings to process leadership challenge
  6.  Long standing and supportive networks of colleagues across the state
  7. A higher level of personal and professional development
Physician Executive Leadership Institute

“The PELI course has provided an opportunity to connect with and learn from health care providers across the state, as we all seek to improve our leadership and management skills. It has allowed me to build relationships and develop skills that are invaluable and not taught elsewhere. This has been an amazing professional opportunity that I highly recommend to any health care provider interested in cultivating their leadership skills.”
– Lauren MacAfee, M.D.

Physician Executive Leadership Institute

"I have learned more about myself, as well as leadership tools and strategies, in 6 months than in over a decade of practice!” - Elizabeth Hunt, M.D.

Course Objectives

The Foundational Course Objectives:
1. Equip physicians and PAs stepping into or already in leadership positions with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in their leadership roles.
2. Impart the language of business to more effectively influence the healthcare system at the organizational level.
3. Enable physicians and PAs to be better prepared for the paradigm shift from clinical role to include a system view and leadership role.
4. Enhance physicians’ and PAs’ understanding and provide new tools and skills to improve the relational aspects of managing people and leading teams.
5. Create a trusted statewide cohort - that can be accessed by each other and the system – for leadership support.

Session Dates & Topics

(Note: Program is prepared to transition to virtual sessions if necessary due to social distancing requirements; otherwise all in-person sessions are planned for the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Montpelier) 


November 12 (5pm-8pm) & 13 (9am-12pm): Session #1 - Emerging Healthcare Trends and Systems Thinking 

December 10 (5pm-6:30pm Virtual Meeting): Inter-Session Learning Seminar (ILS) #1 - Project Selection and Project Management 


January 21 (5pm-8pm) & 22 (9am-12pm): Session #2 - Intrapersonal Understanding, Emotional Intelligence and Self-Assessment 

February 11 (5pm-6:30pm Virtual Meeting): ILS #2 - Resilience in a Continuous Change Environment 

March 25 (5pm-8pm) & 26 (9am-12pm): Session #3 - Interpersonal Skills: Communication and Working with Another 

April 15 (5pm-6:30pm Virtual Meeting): ILS #3 - Health Care Policy 

May 6 (5pm-8pm) & 7 (9am-12pm): Session #4 - Organizational Management and Business Skills 

June 3 (5pm-8pm) & 4 (9am-12pm): Session #5 - Teamwork and Collaboration 

September 9 (5pm-6:30pm Virtual Meeting): ILS #4 - Health and Health Care Inequities 

October 14 (5pm-8pm) & 15 (9am-12pm): Session #6 - Change Management and Program Conclusion 

November 2021- October 2022: Quarterly facilitated alumni discussion groups, led by Lumunos facilitators:

Click HERE for the 2020 brochure and curriculum.

Contact Information

Stephanie Winters: Deputy Director, Vermont Medical Society

Phone: 802-223-7898 (office) 802-249-7487 (mobile)


Jessa Barnard: Executive Director, Vermont Medical Society

Phone: 802-223-7898 (office) 802-917-1460 (mobile)


About the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership

Over the past 8 years, the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership has built a first-in-the-nation program that develops physician leaders through intensive, national-caliber professional development coursework. Developed in collaboration with a wide range of physicians and healthcare leaders, Hanley’s PELI program has launched 22 separate year-long courses with 28 different hospitals and practice sites across Maine & New Hampshire since 2011.

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About Lumunos

Vermont-based and deployed in more than 35 hospitals over a decade, Lumunos’ Physician Leadership services focus on personal leadership skills and resilience. In Lumunos’ unique cohort model, participants process their leadership challenges and gain wisdom through guided conversation with trusted peers.

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About the Physicians Foundation

The Physicians Foundation is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to empower physicians. As the U.S. health care system continues to evolve, the Physicians Foundation is steadfast in its determination to strengthen the physician-patient relationship, support physicians in sustaining their medical practices and help practicing physicians in navigating the changing health care system.

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