Health Equity a VMS Priority

“I’m here to get it right, not to be right.” - Brene Brown

The Vermont Medical Society maintains its commitment to provide an inclusive membership-based community, in which all physician and physician assistants, from all demographics and belief-systems, are welcome to participate. We also work to combat all inherent bias in health care, both towards the patient and towards the clinician.

VMS leadership and membership have adopted these related policies:

Health Equity Resources

AMA Educational Resources to Advance Equity

In alignment with its commitment to inform and educate physicians on topics important to health equity, the American Medical Association (AMA) announced in fall 2021 a series of CME and educational activities aimed at addressing the root causes of inequities, including racism and other structural determinants of health. The content — featured on the AMA Ed Hub™ Health Equity Education Center and curated by the AMA’s Center for Health Equity—equips physicians and other learners with core health equity concepts needed to support them as they continue to take action and confront health injustice. Topics include the Prioritizing Equity CME video series: