Specialty Society Support

VMS provides services to specialty societies that not only serve to bolster the specialty society as an organization but also to increase the communication and collaboration between the specialty societies and the VMS. This has increased the visibility and knowledge of both societies and has contributed to many successes over the years.

Under these contracts, VMS provides services to the Specialty Society that may include:

  1. Membership database coordinate and Membership recruitment
  2. Newsletter formation and distribution
  3. Website creation and/or maintenance
  4. Organizing and attending meetings
  5. Representing the Specialty Society at meetings, as needed
  6. Handling of media inquiries
  7. Financial management, including depositing checks, paying bills, generating financial reports, maintaining filings with the Secretary of State, and tax filings.
  8. Legislative monitoring and limited lobbying, including informing Specialty Society of pending legislation of interest and testifying or coordinating Specialty Society member testimony on specific bills

Societies Currently Managed by VMS...