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Clinician Wellness

How do we support our physicians being able to care for their patients?

VMS is committed to supporting a community of fully thriving and engaged clinicians across Vermont.

Wellness Resources

For the Individual - Find your passion and peer group

Wellness Resources

For the Organization

Calculate the cost of burnout

Seven steps to prevent burnout in your practice

  • Establish wellness as a quality indicator for your practice
  • Start a wellness committee and/or choose a wellness champion
  • Distribute an annual wellness survey
  • Meet regularly with leaders and/or staff to discuss data and interventions to promote wellness
  • Initiate selected interventions, such as workflow redesign; better communication between practitioners in your practice and quality improvement projects targeted to address clinician concerns
  • Repeat the survey within the year to re-evaluate wellness
  • Seek answers within the data, refine the interventions and continue to make improvements

From: American Medical Association, STEPS Forward Module, Physician Burnout: Improve Physician Satisfaction and Patient Outcomes.

See the module for more information on each of these steps as well as additional AMA STEPS Forward modules on Professional Well-Being and Organizational Culture. Subscribe to the AMA’s weekly STEPS Forward email, offering a collection of interactive educational content designed to help put the joy back into medicine: subscribe here.

Wellness Resources

Ask your health system to commit to promoting physician well-being

For the Health Care System

  • Join VMS’ advocacy efforts to reduce administrative burden: align payment with clinician time and patient outcomes; streamline quality measures; reduce prior authorization
Wellness Resources

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