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Clinician Wellness

How do we support our physicians being able to care for their patients?

VMS is committed to supporting a community of fully thriving and engaged clinicians across Vermont.

Wellness Resources

For the Individual - Find your passion and peer group

Wellness Resources

For the Organization

Calculate the cost of burnout

Seven steps to prevent burnout in your practice

  • Establish wellness as a quality indicator for your practice
  • Start a wellness committee and/or choose a wellness champion
  • Distribute an annual wellness survey
  • Meet regularly with leaders and/or staff to discuss data and interventions to promote wellness
  • Initiate selected interventions, such as workflow redesign; better communication between practitioners in your practice and quality improvement projects targeted to address clinician concerns
  • Repeat the survey within the year to re-evaluate wellness
  • Seek answers within the data, refine the interventions and continue to make improvements

From: American Medical Association, Steps Forward Physician Burnout Improve Physician Satisfaction and Patient Outcomes. 

See this module for more information on each of these steps

Wellness Resources

Ask your health system to commit to promoting physician well-being

For the Health Care System

  • Join VMS’ advocacy efforts to reduce administrative burden: align payment with clinician time and patient outcomes; streamline quality measures; reduce prior authorization
Wellness Resources

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