Refugee Health

Refugee Health Webinar Series

VMS is excited to hold a webinar series on Refugee health. The goal of this series is to provide information to health care professionals to better serve and support Vermont’s refugee communities. Content will be framed with a health equity lens that promotes culturally and linguistically appropriate health care screenings, services, and supports.

For more information or to request that your webinar series be added, please email Birdie Pauley at

Each series session will run from 12:15pm to 1pm EST.

    • August 11, 2022 | "Lead" presented by Matt Saia, M.D.,  register here
    • August 25, 2022 | "Medical Considerations in Providing Care to Adult Refugees" presented by Rochelle Paquette, FNP, register here
    • September 1, 2022 | "Providing Catch Up Immunizations/Ongoing Care Pediatric" presented by Stan Weinberger, M.D., register here
    • September 8, 2022 | "Hepatitis B and H. Pylori" presented by Laura Catoe, APRN register here
    • September 22, 2022 | "Tuberculosis" presented by Heather Link, M.D., register here
    • September 29, 2022  | "Using an Interpreter" presented by Cathy Kelley, LICSW and  Stan Weinberger, M.D., register here
    • October 13, 2022 | "Mental Health of Refugees" presented by Saida Abdi and Karen Fondacaro, register here
    • October 27, 2022 | "Social Work Considerations for New Americans" presented by Cathy Kelley, LICSW, register here
    • November 10, 2022 | "Medical Legal Partnerships" presented by Nathan Virag, Esq., register here

    Recorded Sessions

    Refugee Health Resources

    Key Medical Resources

    Additional Health Information

    Mental Health Screening for Adults

    Cultural Backgrounders

    Educational Videos for Providers:

    Additional helpful information

    Translated Resource Materials: Dari and Pashto Translations

    SAMHSA’s national coordinating offices on mental health.

    Dari Translations

    Pashto Translations

    Resources for Refugees to the U.S.

    Pashto versions

    Dari versions

    English versions








    Varicella (Chickenpox)

    Vaccine Information Statements (VIS)

    Multi-Language Refugee Reproductive Health Network (ReproNet) Resources