VMS Resolutions

VMS Resolutions

VMS resolutions are catalysts for the organization’s legislative efforts. Each year, VMS members propose and approve resolutions that guide VMS staff and leadership in their advocacy and public policy efforts.

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VMS Policies 1965-2019 (searchable PDF)


Support for Expanded Coverage for Obesity Treatment


Medicare Advantage Program

Principles for the Development of Pay-for-Performance Programs

Addressing Ethical Dilemmas in Some of CMS’s Pay for Performance and Value Based Care Programs


Protecting Patient Access to and Clinician Provision of Medical Care

Aligning Coverage for Preventive Screenings with United States Preventive Services Task Force Guidelines

Adequate Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule

Crisis Standards of Care Resolution


VMS Position on Commercialized Sales of Cannabis

Support for Increased Access to Home Health and Hospice Services

Coverage for Audio-Only Health Care Services

Call to Prioritize Primary Care

Addressing Pediatric Mental Health Needs in Vermont 


Support of a Robust Public Health System 
Support for a Single-payer, National Health Program

Reaffirming VMS Health Reform Principles; Statement of Need for Universal Coverage

Support for Universal Facial Coverings


Codifying Protection for Women’s Reproductive Rights
Clinician Conscience Objection and Ethical Care of Patients
Regulation of Cannabidiol (CBD)
Minor Consent for STD Prevention Services
Stem Cell Clinics
High Deductible Health Plans
Forensic Mental Health Infrastructure in Vermont
Support for the Humane Treatment of Migrant Families at all U.S. Borders
Reducing Carbon Pollution Emissions in Vermont
VMS Position Statement Strongly Recommends Twelve Weeks of Paid Parental Leave


Recognizing and Addressing Bias Within the Health Care System
Reducing the Use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Devices Among Youth and Never Users
Wellness of the Physician Workforce
Tick Borne Illness
Opposing a System of Commercialized Sales of Recreational Marijuana
Streamlining Credentialing
Women's Reproductive Rights


Implementation of VDH Opioid Rules
Vermont Medical Society Policy on End-of-life-Care
Improving the Safety of the THC-Dominant Medical Marijuana System in Vermont
Ensuring a Health Professional Member of the Green Mountain Care Board
Ensuring an Adequate and Effective Health Care Workforce to Meet the Increased Demand for Health Services for an Aging Population


Expanding the Vermont Practitioner Health Program
Supporting the practice of primary care
Uniform regulatory oversight and standard of practice for medical professionals
Aligning Vermont’s prescribed products gift ban with federal law
Amending a clinician’s duty to warn
Changing the paradigm for the use of opioids in chronic non-malignant pain control


Criteria for an all-payer ACO model for Vermont
Universal background checks for sales of firearms
Reducing consumption of sweetened drinks to improve the health of Vermonters
Interstate physician licensing compact


Compliance with Act 48 Triggers
Evidence-Based Alternatives to Opioid Prescribing
Timely Access to Level One Inpatient Psychiatric Care
Integrating the Science of the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE)
Developing the Vermont Health Resource Allocation Plan
Supporting Graduate Medical Education
Patient Portals
Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care


Improving Transition of Care
Advances in Public Health and Health Care Delivery Integration through Populations Health
Burden of Quality Reporting
Electronic Health Records and the Medical Record
Support for Physician Policy Involvement and Physician Leadership Education
Investigation Standards for the Vermont Board of Medical Practice
Acute Inpatient Mental Health Care


Physician Stewardship of Health Care
Cost of Medical Education
Reimbursement to Physicians for Providing Non Face-to-Face Care
Collaboration Among Physicians and Other Health Care Practitioners
Electronic Health Records and the Physician-Patient Relationship
Patient Incentives
Medical Liability Reforms
Use and Improvement of the Vermont Prescription Monitoring System


Issuing an Annual Progress Report on State Government’s Compliance with the Act 48 Principles
Opposition to a Medicaid Tax on Physicians' Net Revenue
Reconvening the Vermont Medical Society Physician Policy Council
Patient Education & Personal Responsibility for Health
Dangers of Distracted Driving


Physician Leadership
Need for Tort Reform in Order to Address Defensive Medicine
Unfunded Mandates
Reaffirming the Physician/Patient Relationship
Anatomical Gifts


Collaboration with the Vermont Department of Health on H1N1
Increasing Immunizations Rates of Vermonters
Preserving Patient Access to Physicians by Reducing Administrative Burdens and Improving Reimbursement
Strategies to Address Rising Health Care Costs
Preventing Childhood Obesity


VMS Support for Efforts to Minimize Cost Burden to Patients
Grants and Gifts to Physicians
Prescription Drug Abuse and Diversion & E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances
Legislative Action to Repeal Medicare SGR Payment Formula
Responsibility for Health Care in the Ideal System


Health Care Information Technology
Primary Care Physician Shortage
Protection of Patients' Access to Physicians


Implementing Electronic Medical Records
Ensuring the Privacy of Prescription Information
Sustainability of Vermont Blueprint for Health
Restrictive Covenants in Physician Employment Contracts


Establishing Pre-Trial Screening Panels for Medical Liability Claims
Establishing the Dr. Mildred Reardon Scholarship
The Improvement of Vermont's Health Care System
Fluoridation in Community Water Systems


Resolution to Endorse Health-Promoting Activity and Healthy Foods in Vermont Schools
Advocating for Change in the Relative Update Committee of the American Medical Association
Enactment of National Medical Liability Reform
Prompt and Adequate Medicaid Reimbursement
Pain Treatment and Assessment
Repeal of Medicare's Sustainable Growth Rate Reimbursement Formula
Reducing the Secondary Effects of Cigarettes
Physician Reimbursement Under Vermont's Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Schedule


Preventing Childhood Obesity
Domestic Violence as a Health Care Concern
Improvement of Vermont's Health Care System
Medicaid Reimbursement
Development & Implementation of a Medical Information System
Medicare Reimbursement
Vermont Physicians Confronting the Opioid Challenge Facing Vermonters
Prescribing Authority for Optometrists
Licensing Respiratory Care Practitioners
Waiving VMS Membership Dues
Voting Procedures
Physician-Assisted Suicide
Memorial Resolution - Joseph B. Warshaw, M.D.


Medical Use of Marijuana Cannabis Research
Reducing Childhood Obesity
Medicaid Reimbursement
Medical Cannabis Use and Study
Moratorium on the Death Penalty
Treatment Availability for Opioid Dependence
Prescribing Authority for Optometrists
Patient Privacy and Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
Professional Liability Insurance Reform for Physicians
Letter to Vermont Retail Lumber and Building Materials Companies from Members of the Vermont Senate and House of Representatives
Resolution to Eliminate Smoking in All Indoor Public Places